Tuesday, May 29, 2007

My idea about fonts were totally wrong

Guess how I had setup the fonts was not good enough. Anyway I finally got it right...phew.. First off I had to install the latest freetype2 rendering engine by David Turner. I got the instructions from here:
Then although the desktop seemed to be alright, the rendering in firefox was totally crap. While browsing around I finally came upon a discussion where the person tried to modify fonts through about:config. It kind of struck me that maybe I could do something through that then. Opened it up and changed the parameters realated to Freetype2, and viola the font rendering is so much better than in Windows.
I have posted parts of my about:config I modified below:
font.FreeType2.autohinted true
font.FreeType2.enable true
font.FreeType2.unhinted false

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