Saturday, June 03, 2006

Dapper Drake 6.06 installed

I was using the ubuntu breezy badger all this while, but after I shifted into my new rooms, I just couldnt connect to the internet. I was getting "NO DHCPOFFER OFFER" messages and short of trying a different modem, I just didnt know how to fix it :| !!

Meanwhile it was announced that Dapper Drake was getting released on June 1, and I thought I might as well reinstall the system. And that I was somewhat successfull, can be gauged from the fact that his post is from the very same system. Hmm....but I faced one problem though.

THe installation was a breeze, and the drake is dapper allright. But as soon I rebooted the system and tried to get in, I was met with a blank screen and the beating of a drum. The drum sound meant that the boot up process had reached the login screen, but me not being able to see that, implied that there was some problem with the display driver :< !!

Afer googling around I found that there was some problem with the native ATI drivers for Dapper Drake. The workaround was installing the fglrx drivers. Instructions are available at the

Hmm...well that takes care of the blank screen problem. But the problem from Breezy Badger (on my system) still persists. I havent investigated the problem as yet, but atleast Iam able to connect to another unsecured wireless connection. I guess its not a safe workaround and I should get around to finding a way to connect to my wireless router :? !!!

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