Tuesday, June 06, 2006


I have finally decided what my first project on Linux will be. I thnk i will create a GUI mounting utility. I haven yet put pen to paper yet. But I should have something in hand by the end of this week ;).


Raj said...

Cool.. let me know when the design is done... I will do an EQA ;-)...
Jokes apart, what kinda proj are you looking at... send me the details when its ready.

Libu said...

:)) !! I have to yet plan it properly. I was thinking i will spend some time on this last weekend. But didnt work out so maybe this weekend i will do it :? !!

Thinking of making a gui tool, to mount directories of your choice. Planning to do it in CPP ! The prob is i have to learn he gui language as well as CPP :)) !!